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  • One Direction - Night Changes (Audio)
    One Direction - Night Changes (Audio)
  • Taylor Swift - Blank Space
    Taylor Swift - Blank Space
  • SOY BIEN KAWAII | Preguntas De Facebook 3 | Hola Soy German
    SOY BIEN KAWAII | Preguntas De Facebook 3 | Hola Soy German
  • Wheel of Impressions with Kevin Spacey
    Wheel of Impressions with Kevin Spacey
  • Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"
    Daniel Radcliffe Raps Blackalicious' "Alphabet Aerobics"
  • CANCIONES | Hola Soy German
    CANCIONES | Hola Soy German
  • One Direction - Steal My Girl
    One Direction - Steal My Girl
  • Jimmy Fallon feat. - Ew! (Official Music Video)
    Jimmy Fallon feat. - Ew! (Official Music Video)
  • "CARL POPPA" — Lyric Video
    "CARL POPPA" — Lyric Video
  • Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine
    Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine
  • Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone
    Lip Sync Battle with Emma Stone
  • One Direction - You & I
    One Direction - You & I
  • FUNNY MONTAGE (bonus)
    FUNNY MONTAGE (bonus)
  • Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon Form 2-Man Doo-Wop Group Using iPad App
    Billy Joel and Jimmy Fallon Form 2-Man Doo-Wop Group Using iPad App
  • "MORE NFL" — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL
    "MORE NFL" — A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL

AOL News

  • Joyful panda has amazing reaction to snow

    Joyful panda has amazing reaction to snowYouTubeToronto Zoo's cameras caught their male panda Da Mao having the time of his life in a snowstorm.'Sled' he created is just too cuteMore to seePuppy gives up after bone stolenEntire fireworks show off at once

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:22 PM

  • Death toll rises as snowstorm totals top 7 feet

    Death toll rises as snowstorm totals top 7 feetAPThe Buffalo area's three-day snowfall total surged to an epic 7 feet or more on Thursday.Number of fatalities now being blamed on the stormMore on the monster stormOfficials won't declare US record Sabres postpone NHL game

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:22 PM

  • Iconic director of 'The Graduate' dies at 83

    Iconic director of 'The Graduate' dies at 83GettyThe legendary filmmaker and husband of Diane Swayer died suddenly Wednesday night after a decades long career. Unforgettable hits he left behindMore entertainment newsBono undergoes surgeryEmma Watson saved the NFL

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:22 PM

  • Journal exposes crucial details about FSU alum

    Journal exposes crucial details about FSU alumAP/FacebookPolice have obtained a journal and videos belonging to the FSU alum who shot 3 people Thursday -- and the contents are quite revealing.Unreasonable beliefs he held Related headlinesOfficials give press conferenceStudent told to put hands up

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:22 PM

  • Obama reveals his bold plan for immigration

    Obama reveals his bold plan for immigrationGettyThe president outlines how his administration will overhaul one of America's most divisive policies in an address to the nation.Not broadcast on most networksMore on this storyWhat to watch in tonight's speechObama's goal for his last 2 years

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:22 PM

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Huffington Post

  • Theodore LeLeaux, Killer Who Cut Out Co-Worker's Heart, Released From Prison

    ThumbnailFRESNO, Calif. (AP) — A Fresno man who stabbed his co-worker dozens of times in 1984 and then cut out the man's heart and put it in his jacket pocket has been released from prison despite objections from Gov. Jerry Brown. Theodore LeLeaux Jr. was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of p…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:21 PM

  • The Heroes And Zeroes Of America's Brief Ebola Outbreak

    ThumbnailWASHINGTON -- It's been three weeks since the White House event where President Barack Obama shook hands with doctors and nurses who treated Ebola patients in West Africa, and the president apparently does not have Ebola. The disease still rages in West Africa, where more than 5,000 people have died…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:12 PM

  • Read The Full Text Of Obama's Immigration Speech

    ThumbnailPresident Barack Obama announced plans to take executive action on immigration in a prime time speech on Thursday. Obama's plan will provide deportation relief for millions of undocumented immigrants living in the United States.Read the full text of Obama's immigration speech as prepared for deliver…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:07 PM

  • Wigan Owner Defends Manager's Anti-Semitic Comments, With Anti-Semitic Comments

    ThumbnailWIGAN, England (AP) — The owner of English club Wigan has made controversial comments about Jewish people while defending his decision to hire a coach who is under investigation for sending racist and anti-Semitic messages. Malky Mackay was hired as Wigan manager on Wednesday even though the English…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 06:20 PM

  • Glenn Beck: AP 'Raped' Bill Cosby By Releasing Interview Segment Addressing Rape Allegations

    ThumbnailConservative talk-show host Glenn Beck has called out the Associated Press for having raped Bill Cosby after it released a portion of an earlier interview with the comedian. On Wednesday, the AP published an interview in which a reporter asked Cosby to respond to allegations that he's raped more tha…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 06:17 PM

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Reuters: Top News

  • Obama says U.S. immigration system 'broken, and everybody knows it'

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Thursday announced steps to address the broken U.S. immigration system, but urged Republican lawmakers to pass broader reforms to deal with millions of undocumented immigrants living in the country.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:15 PM

  • Exclusive: U.S. increasing non-lethal military aid to Ukraine

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States plans to increase non-lethal military assistance to Ukraine, including deliveries of the first Humvee vehicles, having decided for now not to provide weapons, U.S. officials said.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 06:59 PM

  • Obama says his immigration plan is lawful

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama planned on Thursday to impose the most sweeping immigration reform in a generation, easing the threat of deportation for about 4.7 million undocumented immigrants and setting up a clash with outraged Republicans.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 05:58 PM

  • Alumnus shot dead after wounding three at Florida State University

    TALLAHASSEE Fla. (Reuters) - Brandishing a semi-automatic handgun and carrying extra ammunition in his pockets, a Florida State University graduate opened fire early on Thursday at his alma mater's main library, wounding two students and an employee as hundreds were studying for exams.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 05:38 PM

  • Residents in western New York call snow worst in memory

    (Reuters) - Fresh snow fell on Thursday in snowbound western New York, where longtime residents described the blast of winter weather as the worst in memory.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 05:37 PM

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The Zimbabwan - News

  • Global honour for Mutoko woman

    The patriarchal system does not offer women equal opportunities with men to be the decision makers - thereby depriving women and girls of access to challenging roles.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 12:00 PM

  • From Hell to Hope at Mustard Seed Communities

    A local faith-based community development organisation has proved to be a real heaven for abandoned and orphaned children in the city.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 12:00 PM

  • Married to a feminist

    My wife Doo is unwavering in her desire and determination to fight for gender equality and has dedicated most of her working life to this cause. But she is equally committed in her role as a wife and mother to my children.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 11:30 AM

  • Pregnant migrants suffer at “hellish” SA hospitals

    Priscah Ndlovu is a documented Zimbabwean asylum seeker who lives in central Johannesburg. In June she went to give birth at the nearby Hillbrow General Hospital. She says she will never forget the horrific treatment she received from the staff as she delivered her baby while lying on the floor.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 11:00 AM

  • Life-saving AIDS drugs stolen and sold for recreational use

    Al Jazeera’s award-winning Africa Investigates has gone undercover on the streets of Harare, Zimbabwe to reveal the illegal trade in life-saving AIDS drugs and their shocking popularity as recreational drugs.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 10:19 AM

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BBC News

  • Counting under way in Rochester poll

    ThumbnailVotes are being counted in the the Rochester and Strood by-election where the UK Independence Party is hoping to gain its second elected Westminster MP.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:20 PM

  • Sotheby's chief executive steps down

    ThumbnailThe chief executive of renowned auction house Sotheby's, William Ruprecht, is stepping down after 14 years at the helm.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:14 PM

  • Obama offer to 5m illegal migrants

    ThumbnailNearly five million people living illegally in the US can escape deportation under sweeping changes unveiled by President Barack Obama.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:12 PM

  • Muslim schools 'set for criticism'

    ThumbnailReports highly critical of safeguarding at seven east London schools, including six Muslim schools, are set to be published by Ofsted.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:11 PM

  • HMRC 'hasn't investigated tax scheme'

    ThumbnailHM Revenue and Customs has not properly investigated why a tax relief scheme has cost £2bn more than expected, according to the National Audit Office.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:06 PM

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Middle East Online

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BBC News Videos

  • VIDEO: 'Childbirth pain' lessons for men
    A hospital in China is trying to teach fathers-to-be about the experience of giving birth.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 05:39 PM

  • VIDEO: Fresh snow fears for parts of US
    Parts of the US north-east are braced for further snow storms, with officials warning residents to be prepared for 3ft (1m) of new snow.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 03:00 PM

  • VIDEO: Tensions rise after Myanmar shelling
    Officials in Myanmar have said that a mortar shell that killed more than 20 ethnic rebel soldiers on Tuesday was meant as a warning shot.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 09:18 AM

  • VIDEO: A safe haven for street children
    The number of sexually abused children in Pakistan has risen in the past year according to a report released this week, and local charities are calling from more efforts to protect vulnerable children .

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:08 AM

  • VIDEO: Two killed in China pile-up
    At least two people were killed and many more injured when at least 70 vehicles we involved in a mass pile-up on a Chinese expressway.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:05 AM

  • VIDEO: Egyptian street art movement
    In the wake of uprisings in the Arab region since 2011, the street art movement has been gaining momentum employed as a means to address not only political issues, but also social problems in the society.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 05:49 AM

  • VIDEO: Jagger on Brown and losing L'Wren
    Sir Mick Jagger has told the BBC about his new biopic on music legend James Brown, and how going on tour helped the Rolling Stones singer get over the loss of his partner L'Wren Scott.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 04:21 AM

  • VIDEO: Panda frolics on snowy slope
    Toronto Zoo cameras catch a giant panda sliding down a hill and playing in the snow.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 01:39 AM

  • VIDEO: Afghan toddler brutally raped
    A three-year-old girl is fighting for her life in Afghanistan after being brutally raped.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 01:05 AM

  • VIDEO: Catholics 'de-baptise' to hit Vatican
    Relations between the Church and State have always been a thorny issue in Italian politics - and they have not got any easier during the economic slowdown.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 12:44 AM

  • VIDEO: China web 'connected but controlled'
    China'’s global internet conference is part of a move towards playing a bigger role in influencing international cyberspace.

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 06:50 PM

  • VIDEO: UK denies 'pick-up artist' Blanc visa
    Controversial US pick-up artist Julien Blanc has been barred from entering the UK by the Home Office.

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 05:01 PM

  • VIDEO: China's internet curbs in 60 seconds
    China has been criticised over its tight internet controls, but that has not stopped the country from holding its first world internet conference.

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 09:14 AM

  • VIDEO: Honduras beauty queen found dead
    Honduras beauty queen Maria Jose Alvarado, 19, and her sister Sofia Trinidad, 23, have been found dead, officials have confirmed.

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 07:41 AM

  • VIDEO: Why Afghanistan is bad for business
    Afghanistan's new President Ashraf Ghani has said he will transform the country's economy, many business are currently struggling.

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 05:37 AM

  • VIDEO: Weapons seized in Kenya mosque raid
    Police in Kenya's Coastal city of Mombasa say the have recovered more weapons and explosives at a third Mosque to be raided in the city.

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 05:09 AM

  • VIDEO: Putin spokesman: We have 'red lines'
    President Putin's chief spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, has told the BBC that Russia has red lines in Europe that it will not allow to be crossed

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 05:06 AM

  • VIDEO: Tackling Taiwan's animal smugglers
    Taiwanese authorities face a growing challenge to stop a wide and bold network of animal smugglers who have been tapping into the island's rich reserves to profit from China's huge appetite for wild animals.

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 04:30 AM

  • VIDEO: Inside Turkmenistan fuel summit
    Energy companies and EU officials have gathered to discuss energy security, thousands miles away from Europe, at an oil and gas conference in Turkmenistan.

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 04:06 AM

  • VIDEO: Huge billboard takes over Times Square
    A giant billboard about a length of an American football field has been switched on at New York's Times Square.

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 02:15 AM

  • VIDEO: Anger in Jerusalem after attack
    There have been clashes in the West Bank and tensions remain high in Jerusalem after Tuesday's attack on a synagogue.

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 02:09 AM

  • VIDEO: UN calls for N Korea rights probe
    A UN committee has called for the Security Council to refer North Korea to the International Criminal Court over its human rights record.

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 02:00 AM

  • VIDEO: Snow causes chaos in parts of US
    Extreme cold weather is gripping large parts of the United States, with temperatures of freezing or below recorded in all 50 states.

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 01:55 AM

  • VIDEO: UK Ebola doctor back in Sierra Leone
    A UK nurse who contracted Ebola earlier this year is back in Sierra Leone, and says he is frustrated by the woefully slow international response.

    Wed, 19 Nov 2014, 12:45 AM

  • VIDEO: Protest clashes at HK legislature
    Clashes took place between Hong Kong police and a small group of protesters who tried to break into parliament early on Wednesday.

    Tue, 18 Nov 2014, 10:03 PM

  • VIDEO: Mum's pain over missing beauty queen
    Four people are being questioned by police over the disappearance of a beauty queen and her sister in Honduras.

    Tue, 18 Nov 2014, 08:54 PM

  • VIDEO: Will Israel erupt in violence again?
    The attack on a synagogue in West Jerusalem follows months of tension, as Jeremy Bowen reports.

    Tue, 18 Nov 2014, 06:29 PM

  • VIDEO: Russia demands guarantees from Nato
    Vladimir Putin's chief spokesperson says the West's response over the Ukraine crisis makes them feel fear.

    Tue, 18 Nov 2014, 05:48 PM

Sky News - World Headlines

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Science Daily

  • New device reduces scarring in damaged blood vessels

    A new device contains a form of vitamin A that controls inflammatory responses, preventing scar tissue formation and promoting wound healing. The soft, porous, and thin elastic material contains an acid form of vitamin A, called a retinoid, which is produced by the body to help cells develop and sta…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 01:18 PM

  • How to estimate the magnetic field of an exoplanet

    ThumbnailScientists developed a new method which allows to estimate the magnetic field of a distant exoplanet, i.e., a planet, which is located outside the Solar system and orbits a different star. Moreover, they managed to estimate the value of the magnetic moment of the planet HD 209458b.

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 01:18 PM

  • Geologists discover ancient buried canyon in South Tibet

    ThumbnailScientists have discovered an ancient, deep canyon buried along the Yarlung Tsangpo River in south Tibet, north of the eastern end of the Himalayas. The geologists say that the ancient canyon -- thousands of feet deep in places -- effectively rules out a popular model used to explain how the massive…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 01:17 PM

  • Why some people may be immune to HIV-1: Insight

    ThumbnailDoctors have long been mystified as to why HIV-1 rapidly sickens some individuals, while in others the virus has difficulties gaining a foothold. Now, a study of genetic variation in HIV-1 and in the cells it infects has uncovered a chink in HIV-1's armor that may, at least in part, explain the puzz…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 01:17 PM

  • It's filamentary: How galaxies evolve in the cosmic web

    ThumbnailHow do galaxies like our Milky Way form, and just how do they evolve? Are galaxies affected by their surrounding environment? Astronomers now proposes some answers. The researchers highlight the role of the 'cosmic web' -- a large-scale web-like structure comprised of galaxies -- on the evolution of…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 12:34 PM

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BuzzFeed - Latest News

  • 18 Creatures That Prove Your Nightmares Are Real

    ThumbnailIf you’re squeamish or scared of spiders, proceed with caution. Japanese Mountain Leeches A leech? Big whoop, right? WRONG. This guy isn't confined to bodies of water; instead, it hangs out in trees, flailing around to reach you, and then gnawing through your clothes to get to your skin.…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:31 PM

  • Heres A Really Great Video About Stanley Kubrick's Use Of The Colour Red

    ThumbnailIt was sent to us by Rishi Kaneria, who once did this awesome supercut of Pixar films. For Kubrick fans, this is pretty great. Warner Bros Warner Bros View Entire List ›

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:31 PM

  • 29 Reasons Chris Hemsworth Is Definitely The Sexiest Man Alive

    ThumbnailIt’s official. And it’s right. His blue eyes are the sexiest. Jon Blacker / Reuters Marvel View Entire List ›

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:16 PM

  • How Gross Are You And Your Significant Other?

    ThumbnailPeeing with the door open: totally fine, or the worst thing in the world? View Entire List ›

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:16 PM

  • 18 Secrets Jews Won't Tell You About The Holidays

    Thumbnail82% of Jewish households have never had a Christmas tree. The 18% who do call it what it is. Hanukkah ceases to be cool after age 17. Y'know, when your parents start being like: We're just getting you one gift this year, because you're an adult. That's when Christmas jealousy really sets in. i.imgur…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:01 PM

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NY Times

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  • Sashimi de cavala #sushibyulisses #sashimi #sushi #sushidelicia #japanesefood #instapic #instafood #asianfood #meiapraia #itapema #vempraca by sushibyulisses
    SashimiGalore posted a photo:

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:35 PM

  • Fred Claus (DVD, 2008) NEW
    Erwin SuryadiPraja posted a photo: Fred Claus (DVD, 2008) NEW via eBay

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:35 PM

  • 593b02bd-98e0-4ba5-8222-07c2f27e7cc9 posted a photo:

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:35 PM

  • tmpYRhw3b
    roverstays posted a photo:

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:35 PM

  • DSC_7813
    jcbehm posted a photo:

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:35 PM

  • IMG_2835
    [words] Bookstore posted a photo:

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:35 PM

  • Photo
    porragas19 posted a photo: via Facebook

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:35 PM

  • boutique*flair posted a photo:

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:35 PM

  • 797cb886-2d93-4935-9830-5ed71111064f
    yuko1710 posted a photo:

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:35 PM

  • GAGroger posted a photo:

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:35 PM

  • 彥斌+秋惠 @儷宴會館 婚攝阿良 Wedding For You
    sealswat posted a photo:

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:35 PM

  • St. Louis County Highway 61 - Minnesota
    Dougtone posted a photo: St. Louis County Highway 61 - Minnesota

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:35 PM

IBTimes World News

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Al Jazeera

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The Onion

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  • The Streets of NY Home Screen

    Anyone who's ever walked the streets of New York City has felt the movement and energy of the city. Today's home screen aims to capture a bit of that with some stark contrast and intense angles.Read more...

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:00 PM

  • Evernote for Mac Updated with Sleeker Design and Performance Features

    Mac: Evernote released a major update for its OS X desktop app today that includes a new Yosemite-inspired design, entirely redesigned interface, and several performance upgrades, including sharing notes without leaving the app.Read more...

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 06:50 PM

  • These Are the Highest Paying Programming Skills to Have on Your Resume

    Programming in general is a valuable skill when it comes to searching for jobs, but employers will pay more for some of them. If you're wondering what you should learn to broaden your horizon, here's a list of the top 12 paying skills right now.Read more...

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 06:00 PM

  • "Productive People Are Never 'Free'"

    Being truly productive is about more than just getting the things you need done each day. To be at your most productive you need to use all of your time to the fullest, and in that way you never really have a time when you're free.Read more...

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 05:00 PM

  • Evernote for Android Gets Business Card Scanning

    Android: Today, Evernote added the slick business card scanning feature from the iOS version to Android. Simply take a picture of a business card and Evernote will parse the data and create a new contact for you.Read more...

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 04:30 PM

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  • Southwest Airlines claims title as only major carrier offering free checked bags

    ThumbnailOn Wednesday, it became clear that JetBlue will soon add baggage fees and add more seats to planes — a move that would likely lead to less legroom for passengers. It didn't take long for Southwest Airlines to capitalize on its new status as the only airline offering free checked baggage. See also: F…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:34 PM

  • Yik Yak threats shut down two California high schools in one week

    ThumbnailAs one southern California high school reopened Thursday after a two-day lockdown following threats from an anonymous social networking app, another was put on lockdown. In both instances, the threats came from an app called Yik Yak, which allows users to post anonymously from anywhere within a 1.5…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 07:03 PM

  • Qualcomm: Get ready for 4K smartphones

    ThumbnailIf you think the ultra-sharp Quad HD displays on today's state-of-the-art smartphones are as good as it gets, think again. According to Qualcomm, who builds many of today's key technologies in mobile, 4K smartphones are just around the corner, and they'll take pixel counts to an — arguably absurd —…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 06:20 PM

  • Facebook shuttle bus drivers vote to join Teamsters union

    ThumbnailBus drivers who shuttle Facebook employees to and from the company's Silicon Valley headquarters voted on Wednesday to unionize, citing complaints about long hours and less-than-livable wages. The drivers, who are employees of a company that contracts with Facebook called Loop Transportation, voted…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 06:18 PM

  • $10K raised in 1 day for boyfriend stabbed 9 times by catcaller

    ThumbnailSAN FRANCISCO — It's the stuff of nightmares — because it could so easily happen to anyone Ben Schwartz, a 31-year-old San Francisco man, was walking with his girlfriend Miyoko in the wee hours of Saturday morning just five blocks from city hall when a man catcalled her for the third time that night…

    Thu, 20 Nov 2014, 06:17 PM

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